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Exploring pilot projects that solve the first six UN´s Sustainable Development Goals
for more than 20 Rural Communities in 4 different countries
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Contact us to know more about accessing funds directed towards CSR projects from International Companies operating in your country.
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Who can use Ruvikas Blockchain?


Ruvikas Blockchain has the flexibility and scalability to manage social development projects with transparency, accountability and traceability of funds dedicated to CSR.


Join a network of curated Contractor firms and registered NGOs in the platform and let Ruvikas help you receive and certify CSR funding both locally and globally.


Ruvikas is focused on the growth of rural communities. We validate impact by crowdsourcing feedback directly from people living in the area where CSR funding is needed.

Funding social development projects near you

We are exploring pilot projects in different regions of the world including South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South Asia.
If you would like to propose your community to become part of our pilot program, please reach out submiting a request:
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So many people discuss blockchain, but companies keep wondering what this technology is all about and how to use it in their organizations. Ruvikas is one great use case for them.

Tina Tsiplakis, CEO of Mangfold

Ruvikas platform helps you manage your CSR Funds with smart contracts on a propietary blockchain, allowing you full control of your investments with full transparency, accountability and traceability.

Andrew Lazorenko, CEO at Ideasoft

So many people discuss #blockchain, but business owners keep wondering what this #technology is all about, and how to use it for their business

Pavel Obod, CEO of Slovoda Studio

Ruvikas solution creates and manage your CSR fund and allows full control of your investment through ERC20 based smart contracts.

Andrew Lazorenko, CEO of Cryptoberry